Short Term Health Insurance

If you are between jobs, a new college graduate or just waiting for new employer benefits to kick in, our short term health insurance plans may be right for you. Without reliable health insurance, an unexpected medical issue or accident could bring hospital bills and debt for years to come. The team at Bubela Insurance Partners can help you safeguard your health and financial well-being during any gaps in medical coverage that you may face.

We can have you covered usually within 24 hours after you first apply with us. Our team is committed to finding you the best possible short term health insurance coverage quickly and affordably, often for less than the price of COBRA. Contact us today to get started.

In Schulenburg: 714 Lyons Avenue, Schulenburg, TX 78956 Ph: 979.743.4148 | Fx: 979-743-3707 | In Flatonia: 132 E. South Main St. Flatonia, TX 78941 Ph: 361.865.5008